Florence’s Oltrarno: struggling to survive in the Disneyland of the Renaissance

This is our first video, technically far from perfect, but which we hope will give you an idea of why the Oltrarno district of Florence is in revolt.

The Oltrarno is best known to visitors from abroad as the area lying between Palazzo Pitti and the Brancacci Chapel.

The immediate cause for the revolt is the threat by Firenze Parcheggi – a company with close ties to the current administration of the city – to open up a large part of the district to unfettered traffic, and to dig a three-story underground parking lot in front of one of the most ancient buildings of the district, the church of Santa Maria del Carmine.

However, the underlying reasons are far greater, and will be familiar to anyone who knows what has been done to all the historic districts of European cities.

There is also an Italian language version of this video.